Industrial Painting

Rusty Liquid Storage Tanks Before Ice Blasting And Industrial PaintingLiquid Storage Tanks After Dry Ice Blasting And Industrial Painting And Restoration

At CT Service Systems, Inc., our dedicated team of industrial painters has the knowledge, tools, and desire to see through any challenge and provide results that facility owners, managers, and associates can be proud of. Every step of the industrial painting process is carefully planned. From work area separation and protection to final cleanup, we are committed to completing the project. Our surface preparation methods range from ultra high tech Dry Ice Blasting down to simple brush and blow techniques to ensure the coatings applied will perform and last as intended.

Our Team of Industrial Painters are Familiar with all types of industrial painting coatings, we can help choose a complete system that will serve your needs in the most economical way possible. Industrial painting can be challenging. We can handle the most demanding jobs, give you the best results, and work within your budget to provide the best overall value possible. 

The CT Service Systems Industrial Painting Project Process:

  1. Site Analysis and Expectation of Finished Project
  2. Project Planning and Timeline
  3. Install curtain walls to contain all activities of cleaning and painting
  4. Cover everything at ground level with plastic sheeting
  5. Clean and prepare surfaces for paint
  6. Protect all components or equipment that are not to be painted
  7. Paint area
  8. Remove protective coverings and perform extensive cleanup of the area.


Ceiling Painting
Wall Painting
Metal Siding Painting
Roof Painting​

Machinery Painting
Epoxy & Urethane Floor Coatings
Equipment Painting
Pedestrian Pathway Painting

​Aisle Striping
Steel Structure Painting
Tank and Silo Painting
Safety Color Coding

Anti-Slip Paints and Coating for your Factory, Warehouse, or docking Facility Flooring!

Manufacturing Work Areas After Aisle Sripping And Pathway And Epoxy Urethane Flooring
Loading Dock Before Asile Stripping And Textured Paint To Prevent Slipping And ImagesLoading Dock After Asile Stripping And Textured Paint To Prevent Slipping And Images

Guaranteed Results

Machinery Before Industrial Cleaning And Industrial Painting JobMachinery After Industrial Cleaning And Industrial Painting Job
Industrial Machinery Before Industrial Cleaning, Industrial Painting And Machine RestorationMachinery After Industrial Cleaning, Industrial Painting And Restoration Job
Dirty And Rusty Gasoline Storage Before Dry Ice Blasting And Industrial Painting And RestorationGasoline Storage After Dry Ice Blasting And Industrial Painting And Restoration

Our Satisfied Customers

CT Services was quick to respond. Within less than I week a hard working gentlemen by the name of Jeff came to my home on time and did a fantastic job on our home!!! I couldn t be happier with the price and quality of their work!!! I rarely give a 5 star rating but this was earned by CT Services!! Thank you!!

Cheri S. in Medina, OH

Chris made sure everything was done to our satisfaction. Very happy with the results. Refreshing to have a company and an owner that backs up their work and puts their all into their commitment!

Jude K. in Clinton, OH

I had three companies give me quotes. CT Service Systems came out and gave me a fair price, itemized everything, were very professional. The man who came to power wash my home was also very professional. They did an exceptional job, my house looks like it was freshly painted! I would and will hire them again!

Brooke M. in Medina, OH