Fire Damage Restoration

What Is Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry Ice blasting is when kinetic energy, thermal energy, and sublimation are transferred when the accelerated dry ice pellets strike the surface being cleaned. Dry ice (Frozen C02) and pressurized air combine to remove the unwanted material and leave a clean surface free of any contaminant and without any residue without damaging the surface intended to be cleaned refurbished.

The #1 Way for Fire Damage Restoration

At CT Service Ssytems, Inc. we use Dry ice blasting, which is the best way to restore properties that have smoke or fire damage.  Dry Ice blasting is ideal for Fire Damage Restoration and the restoration of wood, concrete, brick, and building materials because it’s fast, dries instantly, and leaves no residue.  

Dry Ice Blasting has the choice method for the insurance industry and adjusters who now recommend it over other methods because of its performance and effectiveness in removing smoke, smell, mildew, mold, and fire damage without causing further deterioration of the surface materials. Dry ice blasting removes charred wood, soot and gets rid of that burnt, musty smell while it cleans while not damaging the materials or weakening the building material’s structure. Try this new way for Fire Damage Restoration.

The Latest and Most Effective Cleaning Method

  • FDA Approved
  • EPA Approved
  • USDA Approved

Why Is Dry Ice Blasting #1 For Fire and Smoke Restoration?

  • Less time than other cleaning methods, which equals lower cost
  • Cleans without surface erosion and etching caused by typical abrasive blasting
  • It does not cause discoloration of the surface, especially when compared to other cleaning methods
  • Safe for electrical components
  • No water damage
  • No need for using caustics and acids
  • Cleans concrete, wood, brick, and other Building materials and gets rid of the smell

Guaranteed Results

Fire Damaged Wood And Attic Before Dry Ice Blasting And Fire Damage RestorationFire Damaged Wood And Attic After Dry Ice Blasting And Fire Damage Restoration
Fire Place Before Fire Damage RestorationFire Place After Fire Damage Restoration
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Our Satisfied Customers

CT Services was quick to respond. Within less than I week a hard working gentlemen by the name of Jeff came to my home on time and did a fantastic job on our home!!! I couldn t be happier with the price and quality of their work!!! I rarely give a 5 star rating but this was earned by CT Services!! Thank you!!

Cheri S. in Medina, OH

Chris made sure everything was done to our satisfaction. Very happy with the results. Refreshing to have a company and an owner that backs up their work and puts their all into their commitment!

Jude K. in Clinton, OH

I had three companies give me quotes. CT Service Systems came out and gave me a fair price, itemized everything, were very professional. The man who came to power wash my home was also very professional. They did an exceptional job, my house looks like it was freshly painted! I would and will hire them again!

Brooke M. in Medina, OH